At the FUMC Day school, we understand early child development is totally individually based and each child is unique in their approach to learning.  As I’m sure you are aware, their abilities vary given:

  • Age (by months)
  • Exposure
  • Environment
  • Experiences
  • Natural gifts and talents
  • Personality

All of us at the Day School are committed to providing this first learning experience from a developmentally appropriate approach.  Provided is a generic overview (see class list).

Etoyle McKee

Director of FUMC Day School
(830) 608-1724


Here is our pricing structure for the 2018 – 2019 school year. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


2 Day 2 Year Old

$196.00 per month

2 Day 3 Year Old

$196.00 per month

3 Day 2 Year Old

$235.00 per month

3 Day 3 Year Old

$235.00 per month

5 Day 3 Year Old

$286.00 per month

5 Day 4 Year Old

$290.00 per month


2 Day Spot (M&W or T&TH)

$252.00 per month

4 Day Spot (M-TH)

$504.00 per month


Reserved Spot (Noon-5)

$18.00 per day

Drop-In Spot (Noon-5)

$20.00 per day

Pizza & Fruit on Wed

$4.00 each Wed


Reserved Spot (7:30-8:45)

$4.25 per day

There will be additional fees throughout the school year for various programs, activities, and projects.

The school year calendar is based upon 170 days.

All invoices will be sent to you by email and all registration fees and subsequent tuition will be paid through a monthly auto draft of credit card or checking account.

2018 – 2019 Calendar

The 2018 – 2019 calendar will be available shortly. Please check back soon.

Classes List

2 year olds are working on


  • Waiting our turn (being one of many)
  • Taking care of our belongings (putting bags and jackets on our hooks).
  • Sharing
  • Learning friends’ names


  • Name recognition
  • Shapes and colors

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Play-dough, painting
  • Puzzles, legos
  • Stringing beads to develop all of the hand muscles needed for hand-writing in years to come.

3 year olds are working on


  • Following directions and working individually
  • Learning to use own words to deal with conflict and not relying on teacher or adult intervention.


  • Recognizing numbers 1-3 (Aug-Dec), 3-5 (Dec-May), and associating numbers to items.
  • Recognizing letters of their name and not the beginning letter only.

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Cutting and learning to use scissors correctly.
  • Glue (using the proper amount).
  • Colors (how to hold with their fingers and not their fists, how to color and not scribble, and how to draw a line).

4 year olds are working on


  • Respecting others in word and deed.
  • Accepting responsibility for actions.


  • Distinguishing between letters and numerals.
  • Contributing properly to group discussions.
  • Listening to and following three directions given both individually and to the class as a whole.

Please remember that the children make associations best by concrete examples in everyday experiences that are repetitive.

  • Counting
  • Recognizing letters
  • Sequencing
  • Correlating numbers to items
  • Fine motor skills

The time spent with the child reading, listening and sharing will provide the foundation that school mentors can build upon.