Come Wade Dive signups have begun for Fall 2018!

Classes will be held at 9:45am and 11:00am on Sundays from September 16-October 21.

See study options below (The Come Wade and Dive “levels” notated with course name help indicate the spiritual depth and/or commitment suggested for each mini-course):

9:45am study options

“It’s Inevitable” (Come)
Aging gracefully starts in our 30’s and 40’s. Adults of all ages are invited to come learn options, plans, legalities and where our faith fits in to all of these. Guest Speakers include: Randy Gray, Leslie Grimsley, Dr. Randy Sanders

“Profiles in Faith” (Come)
Learn the faith stories of our former pastors: how they accepted the call to ministry and church leadership from the 1850s through today. Led by Jim Wright

“If God is in Control, Why do I have a Headache?” (Wade/Dive)
This women’s study looks at 6 women in the Bible to see how closely linked our physical health is with our spiritual health. Leaders: Jane Cunningham and Cathy Clark.

“Making Art from Scriptures” (Come/Wade/Dive)
Let the Word of God inspire you through various art
media. With watercolor, tissue paper, stencil, and collage, our focus is the creative, Spirit-led journey together. Come play with leader Carol Bissett.

“Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman (Come/Wade)
We all “speak” and understand different languages. Learn with Pastor Theresa your primary “love language” as well as that of important people in your life. It will help both your communication and your relationships.

“Unafraid” by Adam Hamilton (Come/Wade)
We live in uncertain times There are plenty of opportunities to be fearful; but Pastor Adam Hamilton uses Biblical insights to help us understand and conquer our many fears.

11:00am Course Options

“Mental Matters” (Come/Wade)
Our mental health and spiritual health are closely linked. Come, learn and discuss with Chris Leal how to strengthen and support both.

“Making Money More Manageable” (Wade)
Andrew Voiles is a financial planner who has a passion for helping people gain control over their financial challenges. This group will make some big discoveries about little things that can change our financial futures.

“Made to Crave” by Lisa Terkeurst (Wade)
Ladies, if you are ready to get serious about changing your eating habits, join registered dietician Colleen Greenlees to learn about some “cravings” God wishes for us beyond another bowl of Bluebell. (This study does not teach or endorse a specific type of diet.)

“Christianity 101” (Come)
Join Pastor Patrick for an introduction to the Christian faith: what are the foundations for Christian faith, what it means to claim Christ as our leader, and how we might live differently due to knowing Him.

“Living Compass: Faith & Wellness for Adults” (Dive)
Our heart, soul, mind, and strength are all interconnected— each one affecting the others. This mini-course, led by Nurse Michelle, will use scripture, inspiring quotes and current research to hep us seek balance and wellness in our lives.

Clipboards are being passed around during the Sunday worship services, or you can sign up online HERE. If you have any questions or would like more information, then please contact Karen Andrews.

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