Something exciting is scheduled on Sunday mornings for 6 weeks during the fall. We think you will want to be a part of these short-term Come Wade Dive Groups from September 17 through October 22.

If you are not currently a part of an ongoing Sunday School class, this is an opportunity to try a small group for 6 weeks, to meet some new people, to learn something new, and to move a little deeper into your faith journey.

Pastor Jason and the Discipleship Team are inviting Sunday morning classes during both SS hours to suspend their normal meetings for these 6 weeks. We encourage individuals to choose one of the available studies that may be of special interest to them. Most of our current classes look forward to this opportunity, but none will be forced to participate if they choose to follow their standard lessons.

Below is a listing of the class offerings. Take a look and see what might interest you. Each class indicates an estimated “level” of Come, Wade, or Dive, depending on the “depth” of material and/or the amount of time commitment needed between classes.

Sign up below or in the church’s Information Super Hallway.  Please plan to register for the class you want to attend so that we can prepare materials and order books.



  • Development of Christianity & Methodism  (history of our faith)
    Don Snyder & Jean LeCanu
  • History of FUMC New Braunfels (the story of this congregation)
    Jim Wright


  • Moses by Adam Hamilton (a video and book study)
    Jim Antenen and Gary Spitzer
  • Experience Prayer! (hands-on art projects as a means of prayer)
    Theresa M. Booth & Carol Bissett


  • Celebration of Disciplines by Richard Foster (meditation,service,clebration,etc)
    Stephanie Melton
  • Study on the book of Daniel (teaching, reading, and discussion)
    Jane Cunningham



  • Parenting Older Children & Teens  (teenage brain and communication)
    Jennifer Silbaugh & Cathy Clark
  • Our Aging Parents (guidance and suggestions)
    Chris Leal


  • Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNeil (parenting young children)
    Jaime Langer
  • Love to Stay by Adam Hamilton (a video and book study)
    Lee Brinkerhoff


  • When Life Seems Unfair (experience all types of loss in healthy ways)
    Wendy Schneider
  • Walking with Sarah and Abraham (actually walking, bring your tennies)
    Michelle Truchsess




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