We have a Christmas party scheduled for 12/2, but our last gathering of the year is tomorrow night,

Thursday Oct 30th @ 7pm in the Assembly room, .

You may recall that our first gathering back in January featured Dan Collins as speaker, and now we go full circle to end the year with Jim Wright as our guest speaker. If you don’t know Jim, you should, he’s a fantastic guy and he’s involved in a little history project about our local church, among other things…

Would you believe that FUMC New Braunfels actually has a registered brand? A brand as in “way back when you used to tithe your cattle to the church kind of brand”. Jim will share with us his Emmaus testimony and hopefully, maybe, just a little bit about the history project he is working on now.

Lynn Lindsey will be doing our music tomorrow night and he has picked out several wonderfully familiar songs: This Little Light Of Mine, Light The Fire’’, Morning Has Broken, Shine, Jesus, Shine and Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!

For our business meeting, new additions to the team and our 2015 schedule have both been confirmed.
Our gatherings for 2015 will be every other month. This is for 3 reasons:
1) It’s dang hard to get 10 gatherings a year together, 6 is more reasonable given our attendance of 20 to 30 each month.
2) When we meet every month, we cannibalize other area gatherings like the monthly New Life gathering, or gatherings for Care Bexar, or Hays Praise, or even Gruene. We don’t just want to encourage fellowship within our local Emmaus community, we want to encourage fellowship with other area churches and attendance at the larger area gatherings too.
3) Holding the same gathering each month breeds compliancy and boredom. We want the gatherings to be a recharge zone for you, and we want them to be exciting and fresh, not something that you feel obligated to go to, but something that you want to go to!

Lastly, let me close with a call to Christian action. 2015 our priority as a local Emmaus community is very clear: Our goal is recruit pilgrims and support the New Life sponsored Men’s and Women’s walks with Agape. The gatherings our our fun time, for fellowship, prayer, praise, song, and through these actions we are able to pump ourselves up, giving back a little to ourselves, charging ourselves up, so that we can continue to give to others as we do in so many ways outside of Emmaus, in our church, in our community, in our families, and with our friends, and often times with people whom we don’t even know.

De Colores!

2014 Greater New Braunfels Emmaus Gatherings
Oct 30th @ 7pm – Last gathering of the year. Click link to sign up: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0F4CA8AF2BA75-emmaus4/1971648
Dec 2nd @ 6pm – Christmas Party at Foothill Lounge on the 4th floor at The Pinnacle in Eden Hills community at 631 Lakeview Blvd.

2015 Greater New Braunfels Emmaus Team
Spiritual Director: Harold Sassman
Music Director: Lynn Lindsey
Lay Director: Mickey Lloyd
Asst. Lay Director: John Tuckness
Treasurer: Allene Friedel & Kathy Klare
Women’s Recruiters: Mary Robertson & Amanda Collins
Men’s Recruiters: Lenny Robertson & Dan Collins
Kairos Chair: Bill Havard

2015 Greater New Braunfels Emmaus Gatherings
Gatherings (Assembly Room)
Thur, Feb 26th @ 7pm – Christian Action Theme
Thur, Apr 30th @ 7pm – Sponsorship Theme
Tue, May 19th @ 7 pm – Chrysalis Theme; w/New Life FDG in the Sanctuary*
Thur, Jul 2nd @ 7pm – Fellowship Theme w/Ice Cream Social in Wesley Hall
Thur, Aug 27th @ 7pm – Kairos Theme
Agape Making Nights (Assembly Room)
Sun, Mar 8th @ 6pm – for Men’s Walk #1791, Apr 23-26 at Blueprint Ministries
Sun, Aug 30th @ 6pm – for Ladies Walk #1811, Oct 8-11 at Blueprint Ministries

Christmas Party
First week in Dec, date and location TBD

New Life FDG Sponsored Walks
Men’s Walk #1791, Apr 23-26, 2015 at Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio.
Women’s Walk #1811, Oct 8-11, 2015 at Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio.

*The New Life gathering will be held in Sanctuary instead of Assembly Room and we will use Wesley Hall afterward for fellowship. We will need AV and sound support with special musical guests.

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