Upcoming Emmaus Gatherings and Walks

New Life FDG (Fourth Day Group) has a gathering on Tue, Sept 15th at 7pm at Universal City UMC.

We have our next local gathering here at FUMC New Braunfels on Sun, Sept 20th @ 5pm in the Assembly Room (114).

We have an upcoming Ladies Walk on Oct 8 – 11. Please playfully consider recommending someone for this walk and or being their sponsor. Please contact me for more details or application.

FYI: New Life FDG, our parent group within the Rio Texas Conference, is comprised of 9 area churches: Alamo UMC, Bethany UMC, Bracken UMC, Cimarron Praise UMC, FUMC New Braunfels, Northern Hills UMC, Rolling Oaks Christian Church, Schertz UMC, & Universal City UMC. Each of these churches has or may have a small local Emmaus group that meets monthly or quarterly, just like we do in New Braunfels. More importantly, each of these churches provide Emmaus leadership, fellowship, and support which in turn allows us as a larger area group to organize and schedule our own walks each year (not an easy task mind you, considering all of the by-laws and details that the Upper Room has for governorship of the Emmaus program). Also, please keep in mind that there are several other large area FDGs in San Antonio and the Hill country that do the same thing, such as Care Bexar, Hays Praise, etc. If you live out at the lake or near the 281 corridor, or further north in the Hill Country, you certainly have plenty of Emmaus options.

Gatherings vs. Reunion Groups

Fourth Day Gatherings and Reunion Groups are not the same thing. As part of the recommended action of your fourth day, the Upper Room provides the order for gatherings on page 26 and the order of the reunion on page 47 of the purple book. Whether you are a recent pilgrim or whether you have served on a number of walks, along with many other activities both the gathering and the reunion group are essential to your spiritual growth. When you come to a gathering, bring your purple book and wear your lanyard. Be prepared to tell your walk # and table if it is your first gathering. Please bring a healthy food offering or a dessert to share in fellowship with the group. The gathering includes music, a testimony by a fellow pilgrim, and thanksgiving. Reunion groups are small discreet groups of men or women who meet monthly or weekly and hold each other accountable in Christian action. If you are interested in a reunion group, please contact me and I will put you in touch with others who are interested. We have 3 active reunion groups in New Braunfels (2 men’s, 1 women’s)  that I am aware of. I know of 2 men and 2 women who are seeking reunion groups now.

Taking the Summer off

We don’t normally do gathering in the Summer, but with our gatherings reduced to basically every other month, or 6 times a year, I scheduled 2 social events (Ice Cream Social and Agape Night) back to back in July and in August. This didn’t go to well. It probably caused more confusion than it did good. As we move forward into Fall 2015, we only have 2 scheduled gathering left, and these were both planned as normal gatherings as described in page 26 of the purple book. However, I did have an invitation from the men of local reunion group #1745 to provide an Emmaus BBQ. I also received a suggestion to try something called a 1 day, which would be 1 talk from a lay person and 1 talk from clergy as a sort of Emmaus refresher. I am seriously considering this as an option for our scheduled gathering on Oct 18th.

2015 New Life FDG Sponsored Walks

Ladies Walk #1811: October 8-11, 2015 at Blueprint Ministries. Laine Fichter, Lay Director.  Cost for Pilgrims is $185.

Men’s Walk #1831: April 7-10, 2016 @ Blueprint Ministries. Pops Rodriguez, Lay Director. Cost for Pilgrims is $229.


Kairos Briscoe #15 is scheduled for October 22-25, 2015 in Dilley, Texas and the Weekend Director is Clay Richey.  For more information, contact Clay at  Clay.Richey@gmail.com.

If you are feeling a call to serve or pray for KAIROS Torres and / or KAIROS Briscoe as well as KAIROS Outside, please contact Laine Fichter atlaine.fichter@yahoo.com for an application to serve, at tend closing ceremony or just to be added to the prayer chain.



2015 FUMC New Braunfels Gatherings (Assembly Room/Room 114)

Sun, Sept 20th @ 5pm

Sun, Oct 18th @ 5pm

Gatherings begin at 5pm with fellowship and snacks, followed immediately with business meeting, testimonials and agenda from page 26 of purple book.



2015 New Life Emmaus Gatherings (Our parent Fourth Day Group)

Tue, Sept 15 @ 7pm; Universal City UMC: Team consecration for Ladies’ Walk #1811 will be a part of this service.

Tue, Oct 13  @ 7pm; Bethany UMC: New Life will welcome the pilgrims from Ladies’ Walk #1811 into the community.

Tue, Nov 17 @ 7pm; Cimarron Praise UMC: New Life will hold elections for new 2016 board officers at this gathering.

Meetings begin at 7pm with fellowship after. Please provide the host church with our prayers and blessings by providing snacks and/or nibbles for fellowship after the gathering.

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