This past Memorial Day, hundreds of homes were badly damaged or completely destroyed by historic flooding in our neighboring towns.  The immediate response from the surrounding communities was overwhelming as people generously responded by giving of their time and donating needed items.  Now that the hype of the initial news has subsided, these damaged communities aren’t getting as much attention, but the need is still great as they have now transitioned into long-term recovery.  As such, we, as a church, want to pour out our love on our neighbors and focus on the great community of Wimberley by having them be the focus of our Mission Weekend October 17th-18thWe are challenging you to help us raise $12,500 as a church!  Together, we can make a difference!
The Barnabas Connection
This year we’ll direct all the funds we raise to The Barnabas Connection, which is an organization in Wimberley that has been connecting locals in need with the resources to help them for the last 10 years. Since 2008, Barnabas has also been responsible for administering and distributing the funds for the Wimberley Ministerial Alliance – the network established by a coalition of Wimberley area churches to support those who need financial assistance with rent, utilities, food and medical care.  Since the floods, The Barnabas Connection has been working with the state as well as the Blanco River Recovery Relief Team to meet the needs of those in the Wimberley Valley affected by the disaster.
To watch a video of their immediate flood relief response, click here.

How Can YOU Help?

Change for Change

We will once again be collecting change, but this year we have a fun twist!  Take home your “Bucket of Love,” fill it with coins (or cash…or checks…) and bring it back by October 17th.  Put your collection in your gender’s bucket to represent the men or the women.  We’ll race to see who can raise the most funds, and each week we’ll give an update on who is in the lead!  At the Mission lunch, we’ll announce the winner…If the men win, Pastor Missy will get a flood bucket of water dumped on her, but if the women win, Pastor Jason will get a flood bucket of water dumped on him!  Let’s make a big SPLASH this year!

More to come…SOON

  • You can participate in our Mission Lunch and Dessert Auction on October 18th!  Tickets will go on sale on October 4th.
  • Volunteer to bake a delicious dessert for the Auction or to be sold by the slice at the luncheon
  • Participate in FAITH WORKS DAY on Saturday, October 17th!  We’ll meet at 7:30am for breakfast, and then head to Wimberley to provide hands-on help with the flood relief work!
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