Welcome to the First United Methodist Church New Braunfels Emmaus Community!

Walk to Emmaus is a non-denominational three-day spiritual retreat designed to strengthen your faith and build your Christian leadership skills. Participants in the walk are called “pilgrims” and every day after your walk is commonly called your fourth day. Walks and other Emmaus events are held throughout the United States and the world. If you feel that you are being called to a walk, then please check out this personal but universal video testimony about the Walk to Emmaus from the Upper Room

Who should go to Emmaus?

Emmaus is for the development of Christian Leader who:

  • Wish to strengthen their spiritual lives
  • May have unanswered questions about prayer, study, and sharing their faith
  • Understand that being a Christian involves responsibility
  • Are willing to dedicate their everyday life to God in an ongoing manner
  • Have positions of responsibility in the church and in the world

Monthly Emmaus Gatherings

As a local community, we wear our rainbow colored lanyards and greet at all doors for all services on the first Sunday of every month. We take a break during the Summer and Winter Holiday seasons, but currently gather on the second Sunday of the month, usually at the Mill St house picnic area. For more information about our local Emmaus community or upcoming walks, please contact Mickey Lloyd at mickey.lloyd@gmail.com