What has happened to our website!?!?

You won't be seeing this website anymore.

You won’t be seeing this website anymore.

Our website has a new look!  We wanted a website with a cleaner-looking design so that first-time visitors to the site would not be overwhelmed by all the information on the front page.  Do not worry, though, we’re working to ensure that everything you might have used on the old website is still available to you.

In addition, the new website includes some features, like an “Events” section and our “FUMCNB Blog” that will make it easier for everyone to stay updated on what’s happening at FUMCNB!  Now you can check out the regular posts on our website whenever you’d like without having to subscribe to an email list or Facebook page. We hope you will appreciate this service.

Visiting a website that has undergone some design changes can be jarring at first, so we created this tutorial to introduce you to our website’s new look, and show you how to navigate to the information you’re seeking.  Because we had to manually transfer all the information over from the old site, there may be some broken links or missing information.  If you come across those, please let us know, and we’ll try to get them resolved.  Just send an email to amber@fumcnb.org

The website will be updated regularly with new information, so check back often to stay updated on FUMCNB news!

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