Since 1881, United Methodist Women members have had the opportunity to contribute daily to a spontaneous individual offering for the blessings they have received. This offering is then brought to the November General Meeting to be sent through channels of UMW Missions Giving in the United States and around the world. Below are the suggestions that our UMW uses as a monthly guide for giving:

JAN: Remember those persons who are living on the streets. In your World Thank Offering container, place twenty-five cents for every bed in your home.

FEB: For every Valentine you send or receive, place ten cents in your container.

MAR: It is spring! When you see your first Bluebonnet or Wildflower, put fifty cents in your container.

APR: Each week that you recycle or use your green grocery bags, place twenty five cents in your

MAY: Remembering the joys of mothering, give a twenty five cents for each child or grandchild.

JUN: Travel is fairly simple for most people in our town. Each day you drive or ride in a car, plane or bus this month, add five cents.

JUL: Be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy in this land – add ten cent for every flag you see this month.

AUG: This month can be hot and dry in South Texas. For every cloudy day, add ten cents to your container.

SEP: A good month to get back in the swim of things. Put a quarter in your container for every meeting you attend.

OCT: The Fall season is upon us, for the first tree you see turning colors, put one dollar in you container.

NOV: Be thankful for the plentiful supply of food. Count the cans of food in your pantry and put in ten cents for each can.

DEC: We are fortunate to be able to give gifts. Add twenty five cents to your container each time you go shopping for a Christmas gift.