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Family Promise



Be the hands and feet of God!

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Church Family,

My name is Amanda Collins and my husband, Dan Collins, have served as the coordinators for FUMCNB Family Promise Ministry for the past 8 years. Dan and I are passionate about this ministry and hope to grow more volunteers as we move forward. Our church has been fortunate to have a steadfast base of servants that step up to help. We would also love to see some new faces also! If you have had a heart to step into volunteering/serving/ministry please let us help get you on board! We welcome anyone, and parents you are encouraged to bring your kids (lead by example is our motto!)

Below I would like to give you some information on all the ways you can serve. Each roll is important and needed to make the week run smoothly and spread out the work. As always if you have any questions/concerns/ suggestions do not hesitate to reach out by email, phone or text.

Amanda Collins: 830-515-7677 (meals, laundry, groceries coordinator)

Dan Collins: 830-743-7701 (overnight host coordinator)

If you would like to know more about this program's history and the New Braunfels branch of Family Promise go to their website below:

Set up Angel:  These folks show up right after service on the Sunday that our host week starts. Meeting in Wesley Hall immediately after service. We ready the Sunday school rooms by transforming them from classrooms into bedrooms. (This one is a great way to serve along side your kids, and it's quick!)

You need no special skills except your muscles. We move furniture, unload beds and make beds, ready the kitchen and restrooms/showers. Dan and I are there for this process and guide the group. The more hands we have the quicker we get done. Stay until work is completed.

Groceries: Simple, sign up to provide exactly what you sign up for on the link below. Be sure to read notes on sign up since we are specific on sizes of certain items. We try to not waste your effort. Deliver your groceries during the week to the church office and they will show/tell you where to take them.

Meals: Use the Sign up Genius link below to bring an evening meal (or hot breakfast on Saturday morning.) There are specific instructions on this sign up that we ask you to read thoroughly and completely. You may have your family or your group provide the meal. We serve buffet style and ask that you join in the meal and at the table. You are providing food as well as fellowship with our families which is most important! Dan and I open up for the families arrival and stay until the overnight host arrives each night. You arrive at 6 to serve dinner at 6:30 and then make sure the table and kitchen are cleaned up.

Overnight Hosts: This one tends to make new folks a little scared but it's one of the easiest ways to help. You show up for dinner (eat with families) then you chit chat for a while. After dinner the families usually go to their rooms, you go up to your cozy host room and relax on a comfy bed!

Your role is to be there for our guests, during the evening/night hours in case any needs may arise. You are not the Lone Ranger though Dan and I are available by phone any time of the night and live 7 minutes from church.

You wake up the next morning, turn on the coffee, and hang around until the guests leave for the Day Center. You are free to go as soon as they are out the door.

Clean up Angel: If you are an early riser consider this, show up to church at 7am on the ending Sunday for host week. The families head out and you simply load beds and totes into the Family Promise trailer, break down the rooms and return the items to the Family Promise closet. Load laundry in bags and place in the Welcome Center for the Laundry Angels to retrieve. No kitchen or bathroom clean up. You will have the fabulous Lenny Robertson to guide you!

Laundry Angel: Exactly what you would think. Pick up 1 laundry bag on last Sunday of host week, Wash, fold and return bags by end of the week to the same spot you picked it up.

It takes many hands and talents to have the week run smoothly and to share our church home with those we are serving. Please consider giving of your time and talents! Below you will find the links for all the Sign up Genius'. Thank you.

If you are new to the program and would like to be added to the Family Promise volunteer list please email: